Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's cards

I went to my friend, Shawntel's, house to make Valentine's cards. I love the way they turned out. I also made three cute pouches that I put chocolate in for the teachers I work with. Everyone at school that saw them, loved them. I stuffed them with Ghirardelli Chocolates so it made them even better. We are going to make birthday cards this week, so look out for those pictures soon!

Snow in NC

It really does snow in NC. It doesn't happen very often but I get so excited when it does. It snowed on January 20th. This made a great excuse to watch the inauguration all day! Since it was a teacher workday anyway, I was even more excited b/c the students wouldn't have to make up a snow day. Unfortunately, school was also closed the following day b/c of all the ice on the roads. So, we'll be at work on President's Day! If it is going to snow here, it always seems to happen around Greg's birthday. By the end of the week, temperatures were back in the 50's and all the snow was gone. It was beautiful while it lasted. I'm still holding out for one more snow day this winter.