Monday, August 25, 2008


I got all this for $2.35. I love love love back to school shopping. I have been able to get so much stuff for very little money. I actually need to go get more folders b/c I don't have enough.
The binder clips were $.50
The glue sticks were $.25 for a pack of 4
The erasers were free!
The pencil sharpeners were free!
The pencil cases were $.05 each.

They had folders for free too but they were out. I guess I'll just have to check a different store tonight!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to School Blues

School starts tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. Last week teachers went back but tomorrow the students come. I feel like there is still so much to do. I was at work until 6:00 p.m. on Friday but I could have stayed until 8or 9 and still not gotten everything done. It feels like there is a completely different atmosphere this year. There are lots of new teachers and a new a.p. Maybe I just miss some of my friends that left last year. I never thought I'd be 28 and dreading the first day of school.........


4 bags of candy .88x4= 3.52
2 Glade Air Freshners .88x2= 1.76
1 box of Puffs Tissue .88
24 pack of water 3.99

BOGO Air Freshner .88
2 $1 off candy
$2 off water
$2 off $10
$2 ECB

$1.36 out of pocket
1 pack of Duracell Power Pix 2.99
6 Glade Air Freshners 5.28
2 Oral-B Toothbrushes 3.98
2 boxes of Puffs 1.76
2 containers of Wet Ones

2 $.25 off Puffs
$.75 off Duracell
2 $.75 off Wet Ones
3 BOGO Air Freshners
$1 off oral-b
$2 off Duracell (CVS coupon)
$2 off $10

earned $2 ECB
$7.49 out of pocket

Monday, August 18, 2008

A new VS coupon winner

I never heard from one of the winners I picked on Saturday.  I gave them lots more than the 24 hours I said I would so I chose a new winner.

# 61 Shannon

Timestamp:  2008-08-19 02:16:53 UTC

If I don't hear from Shannon, in the next day or so, I'll choose another winner.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

VS Coupon Winners

The random winners are:  



I am sending them an email in the next few minutes.  They have 24 hours to respond.  If they don't, I will pick a new winner.

Check back soon for more giveaways.  

Friday, August 15, 2008

Holy Zucchini!

My friend, Anne, grew these vegetables in her garden.  When I went to her house for dinner last night, I was amazed at the size of the zucchini.  Then she told me they had one even bigger than that a couple weeks ago and preceded to show me a picture of it.  I was shocked.  I don't have my own garden but I've had zucchini out of my mother's garden and it has always been about the same size as the one's in the grocery store.  I can't wait to cook it this weekend.  I can't decide if I want to grill it or batter it and fry it (like eggplant parm.) like Anne suggested.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

She also gave me tomatoes and jalapenos.   Looks like I'll be making some salsa too!  

Card Making

Here is a picture of the cute birthday card I made at my friend's house on Wednesday.  I love stamping cards.  Stampin up just came out with new colors and this card has 3 of them on it.  I have stamps at home but it is easier and lots more fun to go stamp with friends.  I usually go to "Ladies Night" once a month to make 5 or 6 new cards.  I make a lot of birthday cards but I want to focus on making some thinking of you cards and sympathy cards in the next couple months.  

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Cheerios 2 for $5
Covergirl Amazmint BIGI $5.99
Softsoap Body Wash $5.29
BIC Mark It Permanent Markers $3.99

$.75 Softsoap
$1.50 CVS Softsoap
$1.00 off 2 General Mills Cereals
$1.00 off BIC Markers
$1.00 off Covergirl X 2
$2.00 off $10
$6.00 ECB

makes my total $6.51.  I honestly could have done without the bodywash.  In a moment of weakness, I bought it b/c I had 2 coupons to use on it.  Live and Learn.  I'll do better next week!  Wait...I really got all that stuff for the price of one lipgloss so what am I complaining about?  Oh CVS, what have you done to me?

Check out more great CVS savings here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Victoria's Secret

I have 2 coupons for a free pair of VS cotton panties ($7.50 value). You have to get the ones that say Victoria's Secret across the waistband. You can choose from black, white, whisper pink, ivory, or buff. No purchase necessary, just walk in and get your free panties. Leave a comment with your email address if your interested. I'll choose a winner using on SaturdayAugust 16th.

**One of the coupons expires 8/25 and the other expires 9/8. I'll mail them to you by 8/18.

Good Luck!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coupons to Giveaway!!!!

I have too many coupons. I'm giving away pet food coupons, household coupons, and food coupons. I'll divide up what I have between the first 3 people to request each category. If you want them just leave a comment with your coupon preference and email address.

School Supplies

I got the best deals at Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot today. My sweet husband went with me to each store so I could purchase double the limits. I got a lot of stuff for very little money. I love back to school shopping!
I got everything pictured here for $.75! That's 10 folders and 4 packs of notebook paper.
I got everything pictured here for $5.86 at Office Depot. It's 4 packs of Crayola markers ($.50 a pack...not Washable though), 4 packs of 4 glue sticks, 10 packs of erasers, and a box of paperclips (for my husband...I figured he could get something!!!!!)
Last but certainly not least, we went to Staples. I got everything pictured here for $9.21. It's 10 packs of notebook paper, 4 bottles of glue (free as advertised special), 4 packs of 5 mechanical pencils, 6 packs of skinny Crayola markers, and a ream of copy paper.

I spent $15.82. The deals at one of these stores ( I want to say Office Max) are only good until Wednesday but they you can find these great deals until Saturday at the other 2 stores.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Nothing says summer in my mind like a bowl of fresh summer berries. My husband and I munched on these for dessert this week. I wish I could say I picked all of these berries but I got them at Harris Teeter (on sale of course....thanks Grocery Game). They tasted delicious and I decided to take a picture of them because berry season is almost over.

CVS Deals

I keep forgetting to take a picture of all my loot but this is what I got this week at CVS.

Transaction 1
4 bottles of Clean & Clear 16.96

3 $1 off Clean & Clear coupons
1 $2 off Clean & Clear coupon
1 $2 off $10 CVS
$1.50 ECB

$9.37 and I earned $5 ECB

Transaction 2

2 bottles of Excedrin $5
2 bottles of Dawn $1.76
1 Colgate Total Advanced $2.99
10 ct Mechanical Pencils $.99
2 things of tape (B1G1) $2.79
1 CVS chapstick $.99
1 EPT $13.69

2 $.50 Dawn coupons
1 $.99 free chapstick
1 $1.00 off Colgate
2 $2 off Excedrin
1 $2 off $10 purchase
1 $2.50 off pain relief meds (CVS coupon)
1 $3.00 off EPT
$5 ECB

Makes my grand total $9.92 and I earned $6 in ECB ($4 EPT, $2 Colgate)

I made money off the Excedrin b/c I used the 2 $2.00 off coupons and the $2.50 CVS coupon. They paid me $1.50 to take it out of the store.

Hope you had a great week shopping. Check out how everyone else did at CVS this week HERE

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Extended Warranties...Don't Buy Them

I guess I shouldn't say DON'T buy an extended warranty for your car but they sure haven't helped me. My car went to the shop on Monday morning because the service engine soon light was on and my gas gauge would go from 3/4 to E and bounce back up or would sit on E the whole time. It did this for a week for a week or so and I finally decided I better take it in b/c every time it stopped for a couple of days it started back. The Ford Dealership called me and let me know the fuel sending unit had to be replaced (and that means........). Turns out it is a part in the fuel pump. You can't buy the part separately you have to replace the fuel pump. My lovely extended warranty covers a fuel pump but wouldn't cover this part that is in the fuel pump. The guy at Ford was sooo nice and encouraged me to call the company b/c this was unfair. I did and got no where with them. I want to be mean but sometimes I can't without feeling like I'm going to cry and so I just hung up the phone. I had to pay $760 to get my car fixed. In the 3 years I've had my car, I know I've paid a lot more than that towards an extended warranty. I've also purchased them with my 4 previous cars that I traded before I ever used them. The extended warranty company has gotten a lot of money out of me over the past 8/9 years but I can promise they won't get anymore. Their stupid decision not to cover my replacement part (even though it says they cover fuel pump replacement) has cost them a lifetime of my business. (between my husband and I, we've had 11 vehicles since we started driving and who knows how many more we'll have) When I find my paperwork, I'll publish the company name I have a warranty with so you can avoid them too!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yankee Candle

I wonder if anyone in the world loves candles as much as I do. I usually buy them from a Partylite catalog or from Yankee Candle. My absolute favorite scent is Mistletoe. I only burn that during the holidays but if I'm home there is pretty much always a scented candle burning.

I got a coupon in the mail today for $15 off a $45 purchase. Here is the code so you can use it online at CRM808L (I'm pretty sure that is a zero not an o but if one doesn't work just try the other!)

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Buddy

I just love these pictures of my cat, Bean. We've had him for almost 6 years. He's getting to be pretty old (14) but nothing slows him down. He's the biggest cutest Bean I've ever seen!

Coupons Coupons Everywhere!

I think I'm starting to embarrass my family. Last week it was my mother, this week my father-in-law and my husband. I'm sorry but if people just leave coupons sitting around I'm going to grab them. Let me explain....

Last Sunday my mother and I went to see Mama Mia. On the way out of the movie theatre there was a newspaper sitting on a bench. I walked by it, glanced at it and kept going. I thought to myself, I bet there are coupons in that paper. I turned around, sat on the bench for a couple minutes to see if anyone came to claim their paper. After a few minutes no one came, so I started digging through the paper for the coupons. I found both packs of them and left. My mom was waiting outside b/c she didn't want to be seen with me!

This morning we went to breakfast with my father-in-law. As we're being seated, I noticed the ads from todays newspaper in a pile. I thought to myself, if they are still there after I order they're mine. So after ordering, I walked up to the hostess and asked if I could have them. She said, "Yes, take them." so I did.

I know I don't need all those coupons but what I don't use I can share with others. Sorry, but there is no was I'll let numerous packs of coupons just sit there.....unless my family decides to stop being seen in public with me on Sundays!

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Great Week at CVS

My first trip to CVS this week was awesome!

4 bottles of Gatorade .88 X 4
3 One Touch Mini Glucose Monitors 19.99 X 3

I had 3 $20 coupons and 1 ECB
so I paid $6.73 for everything ($2.51 before taxes)
My receipt says I saved $65.02 Sweet!

My second trip wasn't horrible but I now understand why people are so excited about shopping without children. My (sweet) 13 year old cousin was staying with me for a few days so when we went to CVS she added a few things to the cart. She asked first and I really didn't mind but stridex and 2 bottles of coke (she got one so I did too) added $9.77 to my total!!!!!!!!!! I could see how it could really add up if children accompanied you on regular trips!

2 bottles of Softsoap $2.88
2 bottles of Palmolive $1.39
2 bottle of coke $2.78
Stridex $6.99
1 One Touch Mini Glucose Monitor $19.99

Minus .25 (Palmolive), .35 (Softsoap), .35 (Softsoap), 19.99 (One Touch)

My total was $16.92 but it should have been about $5.08!!!!!!!

I just got an email from CVS telling me to "see what is free" when I use my EC card my first trip in August. Let's hope for something good!

Hope you had a great week shopping.