Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My week of crafts

This is my favorite card this week. I went to dinner with Lauren, my best teacher friend, at CPK and then we headed to Jennifer's house for a night of card making. It turned into a long night since I made 20 cards and she made 15 but it was lots of fun. We were lucky because we didn't have to work the next day so it didn't matter how long it took us to finish.

These are the other 4 cards we made at Jennifer's house. I actually made so many cards this year that I'm ahead for next year. Yeah! I usually send my Christmas cards out on 12/1 but I haven't made it to the post office to purchase stamps yet so they are all sitting on my dining room table. Maybe tomorrow.....
I made these place cards and napikin rings at Shawntel's house. She always comes up with the best ideas. It took lots of hard work to complete these projects but they were worth it. I made 16 sets and I hope they can be used year after year. The only bad part was I put them on top of the fridge so they'd be out of the way and forgot about them until the day after Thanksgiving. Oh, well...there's always next year!
Shawntel came to my house a couple Saturdays ago and had a card class for some of my friends. Here are 2 of the 4 cards that people made. We all had lots of fun. We all need to do things like this more often. You can never spend too much time with friends.

As you can see, my life has been full of crafts lately but I've loved every minute of it. Now I must decide if I want to make gift tags or if that would just be too much!


caitlin.lee said...

awh. they're so cute!
i love crafts!

Cassie and Jared said...

love your cards they are sooo cute!!!!