Friday, November 21, 2008


Wow! Life has been busy. We are trying to finish our shower and get the glass installed before Greg's family comes for Thanksgiving. Things are actually going pretty well. The tile is finished and the glass is scheduled to be installed on Tuesday morning. We grouted part of it last weekend and noticed it was really difficult to get the tiles clean. After searching several stores for marble cleaner, we went back to the place we purchased the tile and they said, "Didn't the salesman tell you to seal the marble before you grout it?" Ummmm, no! They looked up our sales guys name and weren't surprised that he didn't tell us and then informed us he no longer works for the company. Lucky us, we must have been some of his last customers. They sold us (not gave us like they should have) some cleaner that we will try tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that it works.
My big buddy, Bean, had surgery to remove a growth on his ear. It has been there for a long time but it was growing and looking really terrible. The path report came back and showed that it was malignant melanoma. Who's ever heard of a cat with melanoma? G and I joke that he's definitely our cat since we've had malignant melanoma too. Of course, they want me to get x-rays of his lungs and test his lymph nodes but I'm not going to do it. He's 14.5 years old and there is only a 20% chance that it has spread somewhere else. The vet did offer Chinese herbs and acupuncture but I declined. (Bet you've never heard of that!!!) He gets his stitches out tomorrow so we'll see what else they have to say.
On top of all this, I've been to 2 card making parties and hosted one myself in the last week. I'll post pics of all my projects later.
Life is busy but all is well. It's been really cold here. I even got to see snow flurries earlier this week. Of course, it didn't stick b/c it was 70 a few days ago but even the sight of it made me happy.