Sunday, June 14, 2009

Other Rachel Happenings

My friends at work threw an awesome shower for Rachel.  There was so much delicious food that I couldn't come close to trying it all but everything I had was great. 
My co-workers are the best!  Rachel got lots of cute stuff.  I opened her first newborn size outfit in this picture.  It looks so small!  I can't believe she'll wear clothes that tiny.  I washed her first load of clothes on Friday.  I know I won't be excited about that after it happens on a regular basis but it was fun to try to fold all the tiny clothes.
Caroline and I worked hard to arrange Rachel's closet.  I had been cramming everything in there because I really wasn't sure what to do with it all.  With Caroline's help, I got it all organized and put away blankets and 0-3 month clothes in her dresser.
She even has her own luggage tags.  A friend from work got two of these for Rachel.  The other one just says Rachel and it is on the same background.  Too cute!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun baby shower! The food looks so delicious and I know that Rachel will appreciate everything too. (-:
Love, Karen from Indy