Friday, September 12, 2008

Card Making

I made two cards with the saying a little something for a little someone. I thought it was so cute for a boy or girl baby gift. If it was for a girl, I would use the flower envelope instead of the blue one with white polka dots. The envelopes were cut out using the "Big Shot". A Sissix cutter sold by Stampin Up. I chose to you from me for the other card b/c I thought it was perfect for a small gift for my husband. These adorable bags were also made using the Big Shot. Once all the paper is cut out, you use double sided tape to put it together. I'll put a small gift or candy in these for a friend's birthday.

I was really happy to make this card because I was almost out of birthday cards. I can't give store bought cards after making them for the last few years. People would be disappointed!!!!!! I love the two tones in the flower stamp. I put the stamp in the yellow ink and then dotted a sponge in the orange and dabbed it on the stamp. I love the way it came out. My third card was much better than my first card. The first one had a little too much orange. Practice makes perfect!