Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8

I swear, I am addicted to Jon & Kate Plus 8.  I could watch that show all day.  Those kids are precious.  Everyone has to have their favorites but G and I love Aaden and Hannah.  Those have got to be 2 of the cutest children in the world.  Aaden got in trouble on one episode and Kate told him if he did it again she would take his lollipop away.  I found myself looking and G saying she better not fuss at my Aaden!   Every time we watch the show, we say we'd love to take all 3 girls home with us.  That show always makes me laugh and smile.  I can be in the worst mood and that show will snap me out of it.  We always look forward to watching new episodes on Monday nights.  One day, when I have kids, I hope to be able to do all the fun things they do with their kids.  I love the Valentine's Day episode where they ate heart shaped pancakes and went on a Valentine's treasure hunt.  I love theme activities.  Yes, I am one of those people that would put up decorations for all holidays.   

It seems like everyone watches that show.  I'll mention something about it and someone will say, "oh, I love that show!"  We even heard a mother & daughter talking about it in Sam's Club one day.  I hope TLC follows them for many more years.  I love watching those children grow and change (except for Maddy's horrible attitude...I don't know how they deal with that girl).


Mrs. J said...

I like that show too!!!! It makes me realize that there are women out there who have a handful! I just don't know how they do it. We don't have children yet but I really enjoy their show. I think Maddie has an attitude because she needs attention.

Jennifer and Rick said...

Hi Emily! I thought I'd check out your blog! I also love watching John and Katie plus 8! It gives me inspiration...if they can handle 8, I can surely handle 1!