Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Economy Sucks!

After weeks of hearing about how bad the economy is and being thankful that it hasn't affected me, things have changed.  G called me this morning to let me know that everyone in his company is taking a 10% pay cut.  I am so thankful that he still has a job but it sucks to take a pay cut.  If I stop his 401K contributions and the additional tax withholdings we have everything will even out but I'm not ready to do that.  I guess I have to wait until he gets his first check in the next couple of weeks with the pay cut before we make any decisions about what to change.  

It makes me soooo angry to hear about people on the news who have worked out a deal with the banks and their interest rate is cut so they can continue to make their house payments.  I feel like these people are being rewarded for not reading the fine print when they signed their loan documents.  I was offered the same options, when I purchased my home 2.5 years ago but I knew better than to get in over my head.  What has happened to personal responsibility?  
I hope and pray that things get better in the economy but I guess only time will tell.