Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Rachel Report

These are the letters that Greg painted for Rachel's room.

Tomorrow, I will be 23 weeks pregnant. Time really flies. I had my 22 week appt on Wednesday. Rachel weighs 1lb 3 oz. She measures on the 22 week mark. I got a couple pictures but her arm was covering her face (wonder who she gets that from???) so no really good ones. I've gained 2 lbs but please note that Rachel is 1lb 3 oz of that!!!!!!!!!!!
We went to Babies R Us on Wednesday night to order her crib and dresser. We went on Wed to use the 20% off coupon that a friend of mine gave me. The rest of the world was there trying to use their coupons too. They didn't have the furniture in stock so we ordered it. We should be getting a call in the next couple of weeks to pick it up. Greg is really looking forward to putting it all together.......yeah right! We were out of our minds and also decided to register that night. Who knew there were so many choices? After 3 hours in the store, we were finally ready to go. We've officially sworn off that store for awhile!
I go back to the doctor again on May 28 for my glucose testing. I have to drink a sugary drink and sit for an hour then have my blood drawn to see how my body processes sugar. If I fail, I'll go back for a 3 hour test later. Let's really hope I don't fail! I have the option of getting a 3-D ultrasound that day too. Greg has told me I shouldn't get it b/c insurance doesn't cover it and it will be a couple hundred dollars out of pocket. He also says that we will see her in person soon enough. I agreed at the time, but I may try to convince him otherwise in the next couple of weeks!!!!
I have 29 more days of work. I'm looking forward to a summer of doing nothing. I was called for jury duty on May 11th so I may even miss a few days of work b/c of that. I know that I was only called b/c I opened my mouth a couple weeks ago when my friends were getting called and mentioned how I've never been called in Wake Co. I should learn to keep my mouth shut!
Greg is staying busy at work. He was off yesterday which was nice to have the whole weekend to hang out with him.
We hope everyone has a great week!


Karen Crawford said...

Greg did a great job of painting Rachel's letters. I can't wait to see photos of her nursery.
Love, Karen