Friday, August 1, 2008

A Great Week at CVS

My first trip to CVS this week was awesome!

4 bottles of Gatorade .88 X 4
3 One Touch Mini Glucose Monitors 19.99 X 3

I had 3 $20 coupons and 1 ECB
so I paid $6.73 for everything ($2.51 before taxes)
My receipt says I saved $65.02 Sweet!

My second trip wasn't horrible but I now understand why people are so excited about shopping without children. My (sweet) 13 year old cousin was staying with me for a few days so when we went to CVS she added a few things to the cart. She asked first and I really didn't mind but stridex and 2 bottles of coke (she got one so I did too) added $9.77 to my total!!!!!!!!!! I could see how it could really add up if children accompanied you on regular trips!

2 bottles of Softsoap $2.88
2 bottles of Palmolive $1.39
2 bottle of coke $2.78
Stridex $6.99
1 One Touch Mini Glucose Monitor $19.99

Minus .25 (Palmolive), .35 (Softsoap), .35 (Softsoap), 19.99 (One Touch)

My total was $16.92 but it should have been about $5.08!!!!!!!

I just got an email from CVS telling me to "see what is free" when I use my EC card my first trip in August. Let's hope for something good!

Hope you had a great week shopping.