Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Extended Warranties...Don't Buy Them

I guess I shouldn't say DON'T buy an extended warranty for your car but they sure haven't helped me. My car went to the shop on Monday morning because the service engine soon light was on and my gas gauge would go from 3/4 to E and bounce back up or would sit on E the whole time. It did this for a week for a week or so and I finally decided I better take it in b/c every time it stopped for a couple of days it started back. The Ford Dealership called me and let me know the fuel sending unit had to be replaced (and that means........). Turns out it is a part in the fuel pump. You can't buy the part separately you have to replace the fuel pump. My lovely extended warranty covers a fuel pump but wouldn't cover this part that is in the fuel pump. The guy at Ford was sooo nice and encouraged me to call the company b/c this was unfair. I did and got no where with them. I want to be mean but sometimes I can't without feeling like I'm going to cry and so I just hung up the phone. I had to pay $760 to get my car fixed. In the 3 years I've had my car, I know I've paid a lot more than that towards an extended warranty. I've also purchased them with my 4 previous cars that I traded before I ever used them. The extended warranty company has gotten a lot of money out of me over the past 8/9 years but I can promise they won't get anymore. Their stupid decision not to cover my replacement part (even though it says they cover fuel pump replacement) has cost them a lifetime of my business. (between my husband and I, we've had 11 vehicles since we started driving and who knows how many more we'll have) When I find my paperwork, I'll publish the company name I have a warranty with so you can avoid them too!!