Sunday, August 10, 2008

School Supplies

I got the best deals at Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot today. My sweet husband went with me to each store so I could purchase double the limits. I got a lot of stuff for very little money. I love back to school shopping!
I got everything pictured here for $.75! That's 10 folders and 4 packs of notebook paper.
I got everything pictured here for $5.86 at Office Depot. It's 4 packs of Crayola markers ($.50 a pack...not Washable though), 4 packs of 4 glue sticks, 10 packs of erasers, and a box of paperclips (for my husband...I figured he could get something!!!!!)
Last but certainly not least, we went to Staples. I got everything pictured here for $9.21. It's 10 packs of notebook paper, 4 bottles of glue (free as advertised special), 4 packs of 5 mechanical pencils, 6 packs of skinny Crayola markers, and a ream of copy paper.

I spent $15.82. The deals at one of these stores ( I want to say Office Max) are only good until Wednesday but they you can find these great deals until Saturday at the other 2 stores.

Happy Shopping!