Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today I celebrated my sixth wedding anniversary. My how time flies! I can picture it in my mind like it happened last week. We didn't have any big plans today. It was nice to just hang out together. We went to the mountains last weekend for our friend's wedding so we called that our anniversary trip. We'll go to our favorite restaurant, Stonewood, later this week. (There is a golf tournament in town so we knew Stonewood would be packed!) I made Greg his favorite dinner that he swears I NEVER make for him......sorry that I don't want to eat sausage bread (italian sausage, mozz. cheese & bread) on a regular basis! I am very lucky to have such a sweet loving husband. I'm looking forward to a lifetime of happiness with him.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Card Making

I made two cards with the saying a little something for a little someone. I thought it was so cute for a boy or girl baby gift. If it was for a girl, I would use the flower envelope instead of the blue one with white polka dots. The envelopes were cut out using the "Big Shot". A Sissix cutter sold by Stampin Up. I chose to you from me for the other card b/c I thought it was perfect for a small gift for my husband. These adorable bags were also made using the Big Shot. Once all the paper is cut out, you use double sided tape to put it together. I'll put a small gift or candy in these for a friend's birthday.

I was really happy to make this card because I was almost out of birthday cards. I can't give store bought cards after making them for the last few years. People would be disappointed!!!!!! I love the two tones in the flower stamp. I put the stamp in the yellow ink and then dotted a sponge in the orange and dabbed it on the stamp. I love the way it came out. My third card was much better than my first card. The first one had a little too much orange. Practice makes perfect!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where do they learn this stuff?

I was working in a second grade classroom this afternoon.  The kids were working on their center work and I was with a reading group.  All of a sudden, a little boy came up to me and said, "Mrs Emily, can I talk to you in your ear?" I said, "of course" and leaned closer to him.  He had been working at a making words center where you move around the letters of your name and make as many words as you can.  He said, "Can I write ass on my paper?"  I tried to contain my laughter as I told him no because we don't use words like that at school.  This child doesn't write too many words correctly but he sure knew how to spell ass correctly.  What a day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8

I swear, I am addicted to Jon & Kate Plus 8.  I could watch that show all day.  Those kids are precious.  Everyone has to have their favorites but G and I love Aaden and Hannah.  Those have got to be 2 of the cutest children in the world.  Aaden got in trouble on one episode and Kate told him if he did it again she would take his lollipop away.  I found myself looking and G saying she better not fuss at my Aaden!   Every time we watch the show, we say we'd love to take all 3 girls home with us.  That show always makes me laugh and smile.  I can be in the worst mood and that show will snap me out of it.  We always look forward to watching new episodes on Monday nights.  One day, when I have kids, I hope to be able to do all the fun things they do with their kids.  I love the Valentine's Day episode where they ate heart shaped pancakes and went on a Valentine's treasure hunt.  I love theme activities.  Yes, I am one of those people that would put up decorations for all holidays.   

It seems like everyone watches that show.  I'll mention something about it and someone will say, "oh, I love that show!"  We even heard a mother & daughter talking about it in Sam's Club one day.  I hope TLC follows them for many more years.  I love watching those children grow and change (except for Maddy's horrible attitude...I don't know how they deal with that girl).

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Very Productive Long Weekend

Wow! I can hardly believe it is Monday afternoon. Greg and I have had a very busy weekend. We had a great time hanging out with our friends, Rich and Tracy, on Friday evening. We went to one of our favorite restaurants and ate burgers and cheese fries (who doesn't love cheese fries). I also discovered a new drink that I sunrise. Thanks Tracy for the recommendation! After a lazy Saturday morning, we headed to Chapel Hill to buy paint for the downstairs bathroom. We ate at Evos a "feel great" fast food place (all organic products, read more here)
We bought our Atmospheric Aura paint from Ace. After a quick trip to Trader Joe's, we headed to Lowes to pick out tile for the bathroom.
On Saturday evening we gutted the bathroom and applied two coats of paint to the while. While Greg was demoing I was upstairs repainting the trim in the guest bathroom. We went to bed very tired but we were excited thinking about how much better our "new" bathroom would be.
On Sunday morning we laid tile. It was a pretty quick painless process. We looked around for new vanities in the afternoon but haven't found one we like. We did our grocery shopping at Super Target and I was very impressed that we were able to get all organic groceries there. Who would have thought Target had such a good selection of organic products. After a long day, we headed to Smithfields BBQ to pick up a non-organic dinner!
We got up Monday morning ready to grout the bathroom. This was the worst part of the weekend. It's not difficult work just tedious. When I last checked, the grout was drying and it was looking really good. Greg seems a little disappointed. I don't know if he wanted more contrast between the tile and the grout color or what but I like it.
We've been to the gym and now it is time to start cooking. We are looking forward to an evening infront of the tv. There is a new episode of Jon & Kate plus 8 on as well as the season premier of Prison Break.