Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just another Saturday

My cousin and her boyfriend hung out with me on Friday and Saturday. She gave out Halloween candy for me while I cut out center stuff for school. (I've already booked her for Halloween 2009.) We watched part of the Applachian football game on TV but we headed to bed pretty early because my mom came to get us at 8:15 on Saturday morning to go to the church bazar. I hadn't been to church in a loooong time (I'm embarrassed to say) so I was a little hesitant about going but I decided I'd go b/c my mom wanted to. She picked me, Collin, and Caroline up at 8:15 on the dot and we headed to Durham. Of course, we had to make a pit stop at Starbucks. Caroline and I always go to Starbucks. It's like one of our things. We got to church a little before nine and went in to start shopping. The ladies of the church had made some beautiful crafts. I bought 2 blankets with ribbon on them (taggies is what they are called) for baby shower gifts. My mom bought a couple cute things and even Caroline found a hand painted dishsoap bottle for her mother. My hesitation about being there left the minute I walked in. I saw so many wonderful people. I felt really old after seeing some of the kids that I used to babysit for. It was great to visit and catch up with people.
Carloline, Collin, and I went to Red Robin for lunch. They had never been there before and wanted to give it a try. After a nice meal, they headed to NCSU and I went to the mall.
I had some coupons to use and I wanted to vote while I was there. When I walked in the mall and saw the voting line, my mouth dropped open. The line was wrapped around and around and around. I decided to shop first, secretly hoping the line would disappear while I was in a store. I went to Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works to use my coupons.

I got everything pictured here for $3.20. I love coupons! The underwear was free and so was the snowman soap. I've wondered for quite a few months why I get 2 coupons a month from VS for free underwear when I NEVER spend a penny there. A lady at Bath & Body works told me that both stores are owned by the same company so since I shop at Bath & Body lots and give out my phone number when they ask for it, I get LOTS of coupons. I was so proud of my shopping that I headed to the voting line.
The sign said the wait was 2.5 to 3 hours from where I got in line. I didn't want to wait but I didn't want to go on Tuesday either b/c I was scared the wait would be even longer. The time passed quickly b/c I talked to the people in line with me. There were even volunteers walking beside the line passing out water and snacks to anyone that wanted them. I thought that was so kind. I made it though the line in only 1.5 hours. I was glad I waited and got to vote. I guess, we'll find out on Tuesday if my vote really mattered!