Sunday, November 9, 2008

Target deals

I went to a baby shower yesterday afternoon and my friend told me about her trip to Target before the shower. She told me that all the Halloween merchandise was 90% off. I had to go check it out myself when the shower was over. Surprisingly, there was a lot of stuff left. I got:
25 Pez dispensers, 12 bags of candy, 2 Halloween games, a glow-in-the-dark pillowcase, a table runner, skull shower hooks, stickers, playing cards, catnip toys and a cat toy wand all for..........$14.28. My receipt says I saved $124.60. I really don't believe anyone would ever spend that much on this stuff but I guess it could happen. The kids at school will be very happy with my purchases. I think I'll save the pez dispensers until next Halloween for the trick-or-treeters. I went to two other Targets on Saturday night but they didn't have near the amount of stuff as the one at Southpoint. I love the clearance section at Target!
Bean approves of the catnip toys I bought him. He totally agrees that they were worth $.39 for a pack of four! His dad didn't even fuss about this purchase!