Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rachel's Room

We got a call from Babies R Us on Monday that the crib and dresser were in. We decided to skip the gym that night and go pick it up. After getting everything home, we realized that we would need help to get the furniture in the house so it sat in the back of the truck until our friends came over on Friday night. Rich and Greg had their work cut out for them because that furniture was heavy . They unpacked the dresser and Tracy & I cleaned up all the mess. I wanted them to put the crib together but I didn't want to press my luck!
Greg ended up putting the crib together today. The room is starting to come together. We hope to get the mattress in the next couple of weeks so I can go ahead and make up the bed. I really want to see the complete picture! We're trying to decide if there is room for a rocking chair or not. I always knew the bedroom was small but didn't realize how small until we put her furniture in.
I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow. I'll be busy at work this week with End-of-Grade testing. The countdown is on....17 more days with students.
I went back to work from jury duty on Thursday. By Thursday afternoon, I was ready to go back to jury duty!!!! I told several of my friends that it was a shame I had to wait 2 years to serve again b/c it was quite nice being away from all the kids for a few days. We got finished on Wednesday b/c the guy took a plea bargin. Guilty on 2 counts of armed robbery. Each sentence carried 38-54 months. I guess once, he figured out that you could tell it was him on the second video, he really had no choice. Glad he is off the streets for awhile.


Karen said...

Hi Emily,
Rachel's furniture is so pretty! Greg did an excellent job of putting the bed together - not an easy feat. 25 weeks! Wow! Time is flying. I pray that you are well and having fun.
Love, Karen

Lauren said...

Oooh must see soon! It look so good!

Lauren said...

*looks* I am not one of our children who say 'mines'